Ultimate Slim Beyond Limits

New transformed Face Lifting & Body Contouring System(HIFU Technology)


Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound Technology (MFCU) 


Newly transformed circular-shaped cartridges assisted by MFCU technology are targeted for wide area of body treatment. Specially designed 2Mhz ultrasound transducer continuously rotates inside handpiece and spray out its ultrasound energy deep into subcutaneous fat to selectively get rid of fat cells. Extensive and fast ultrasound delivery are able to increase treatment result with minimal pain. 


-Cutting Edge Motional Body applicator
(Creative concept of motional body applicator sprays out its ultrasound energy into targeted area by circular movement)


-Pain Control Mode
(Brilliant "P" (Pain control) Mode dramatically minimizes pain level during the treatment and it maximizes patient's satisfaction. 


-Extensive and Fast Energy Delivery
(Specially designed transducer delivers numerous numbers of energy fast in order to reduce treatment time.


Optimum face and body catridges deliver its energy precisely to the targeted area much faster and maximize its treatment result for various applications. 
-Face Lifting
-Body Contouring


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