About Us

About Us - Aesthetics Marketing Asia


Since our inception in 1993, Aesthetics Marketing Asia Pte Ltd has grown to be a leader in the Beauty, Medical and Wellness industry, trusted by clients from all over the Asia-Pacific region. Our reputation has been founded upon a strong brand promise - to source the globe for the latest products and equipment which have been clinically proven to be safe, effective and of the highest quality. Our clients are specialists in their respective fields, and therefore they expect nothing less than excellence from us to provide them with quality, trustworthy solutions that they and their customers can count on.


We are one-stop destination for the complete beauty and aesthetics solutions, offering clients:

- Product Training
- Equipment Training
- Technical Servicing and Maintenance
- Customised Business Strategy Planning/Conceptualisation
- Individualised Design Consultancy


History of Aesthetics Marketing Asia

Aesthetics Marketing was officially founded in 1993, though our story actually began 8 years earlier. In 1985, our Managing Director, Mr Alan Teo began sowing the seeds of a company that would meet the needs of a growing industry - beauty and aesthetics. He started his research into the field, identifying the needs of beauticians and end-consumers in the Asia Pacific region. 3 years later in 1988, Aesthetics Marketing Asia Pte Ltd was registered as a business, bringing  Mr Teo one step closer to his aspirations.


Aesthetics Marketing officially started its operations in 1993. With in-depth knowledge about the industry, outstanding service and an excellent line-up of high tech, quality products, this new start-up quickly became a favourite among beauty salons and aesthetics clinics all over the region. That same year, Becos was launched and Aesthetics Marketing became the agency of one the largest skin care and cosmetics groups in Europe, GTS GROUP S.P.A. In 1995, Olos joined Aesthetics Marketing’s impressive range of products. Aesthetics Marketing now offers a complete range of face and body care solutions, representing a wide selection of renowned brand names, including Becos, Olos, Decoderm, Fisiodermica, Dr Mullerk, Depylia and Previderm. 1996 was another milestone for Aesthetics Marketing, as it began representing IONTO-COMED in the Asia-Pacific region. The German company is among the most prestigious names in the industry, adding to the company’s collection of advanced beauty equipment and technology to its list of products, which demonstrates Aesthetics Marketing’s technological edge over its competitors. In 2000, Aesthetics Marketing wholly owned an office and multiple warehouses at Kaki Bukit Industrial Park. In 2005, Aesthetics Marketing Asia (Malaysia) was established and solely owned by Aesthetics Marketing Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore). Aesthetics Marketing continues to be a trusted industry leader in the provision of cutting-edge beauty/aesthetics equipment and cosmetic products. 


  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to create unique concepts and craft customised business strategies such as strategic marketing for clients to accomplish their goals and satisfy customers. We also aspire to gain recognition from the industry and public for our leading-edge products and solutions through mutually beneficial relationships and to be a leader in the provision of beauty and aesthetics solutions for clients in the Asia Pacific region.  

  • Our Philosophy

    We represent only the highest quality and most reliable products and equipment for complete face and body treatments in the beauty and medical industry. We cater and customize to the different needs and business strategies of each individual aesthetics clinics and beauty salons, enabling them to provide total customer satisfaction and realize their ultimate goals and objectives.

  • Our Objectives

    To be the leading company for all beauty/medical products and services in the Asia Pacific Region. To be the best known company in all beauty/medical industry, providing the best services, training on skills and techniques, product guarantee and efficient after-sales services. To gain public recognition on our Beauty/Medical products and services for its quality, reliability and professionalism.

Company Culture

At the heart of Aesthetics Marketing, driving our success for over a decade - is our strong company culture and identity. Our culture is the lifeblood of our organisation, directing our company and people toward excellence each and every day. As a leader in the Beauty/Medical and Wellness industry, we are well-aware of how a healthy lifestyle and positive environment are essential for building empowered, cooperative and results-driven teams. We are a close-knit unit who share  in each other’s successes, and constantly discuss/review feedback in the pursuit of excellence. Our team has an exceptional service-oriented culture, and pride ourselves with delivering the best customer service in the industry. We treat our clients respectfully, honestly, and always keep our promises. It is hard work, but the positive feedback and excellent word-of-mouth recommendations from loyal clients continue to keep us motivated and striving to do our best – keeping Aesthetics Marketing at the apex of the industry.