The multi-function scalp caring treatment system created to best provide healthier and natural ways of caring for your scalp. When used in combination with either hair loss shampoo or tonic series, it is inevitable not to notice amazing results for both your hair and scalp.



Efficient device in penetrating deep down into the scalp with the use of pressure ‘suction’ and ions from ‘Ion therapy’, resulting in improved circulation and providing an ideal state on scalp for regaining tones and nutrition for the hair and scalp

Low Frequency Micro Current to increase blood flow of the scalp, which in turn can stimulate the follicles in such a way that hair will grow faster, providing a great benefit for those who wish to increase the length of locks

Spray with Nano spray gun for supplying nutrition on the scalp which stimulates and promotes circulation on the scalp

Massaging the scalp helps keep your hair healthy and can also promote hair growth and can easily release standing up muscle line and trapezius muscle and raise the effect of the lymph massage


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