Technology: Multifunction Skincare Solution 


Hydra Beauty is the complete facial skin care and cleansing system. Using a range of specialised tips from the diamond handpiece to exfoliate and cleanse your pores, penetrate the skin with premium solutions through the electroporation handpiece, and hydro dermabrasion handpiece with unique and efficient radial tips, there is nothing to stand in the way to leaving your skin clear, hydrated and beautiful. 

The Hydrabeauty treatment system specialises in revitalising your face and replenishing your skin. Capable of treating all skin types, Hydrabeauty can correct any skin symptom with its unique applicators and multiple, customisable modalities. 


Hydro Dermabrasion

Diamond Dermabrasion

Nutrient delivery to the skin cells

Pore size reduction

Acne & oil control 

Premium facial cleansing  


Hydrabeauty uses 3 different solutions for skin treatments and 1 solution for system cleansing.

Solution 1 – removes oil and oxidised waste in pores with the addition of lactic acid

Solution 2 – dissolves oxidised dead skin cells and calms acne, rash and other skin irritation symptoms with the addition of salicylic acid

Solution 3 – supplement nutrients and deep moisturising on clean skin with the addition of portulaca oleracea extract


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