(M) SunSoul Red Long Sleeve Zip

(M) SunSoul Red Long Sleeve Zip

Sunsoul Reddmod : Recommended for optimizing Skin Elasticity and attaining Youthful Skin



Science of ReddMod -


The Reddmod clothing line tackles the problem of Anti-Aging. Sunsoul's flourescent material converts broad Spectrum sunlight and narrows it down to specific wave lengths, amplifying the part of the light spectrum with benefits to improve skin conditions and overall health. In the case of Yelomod, its fabrics truncates the spectrum by only allowing and amplifying red light to be exposed to the skin and absorbing all the other wavelengths of the spectrum. 


Benefits of ReddMod - 


1. Promotes a smoother improved tone

2. Stimulates Collagen Rejuvination

3. Vitalises skin cells and smoothens skin texture

4. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

5. Promotes would healing 


Only a few hours a week in the sun (6-8 weeks of 2 hours/day of exposure) is claimed to yield similar results to results from an IPL treatment in a clinical setting according to Sunsoul's Inventor, Dr. Michael Kreindel



Why it benefits your skin -


Pink is the color of health, youth and anti aging. The Reddmod Series focuses wavelengths of light associated with colors of pink and red and exposes it to the skin. The therapeutic red light is effective in stimulating the growth and sustainability of collagen in the skin as the key to young bouncy skin is in collagen production and no product focuses Red light better than Sunsoul's Reddmod.


Additionally, red light accelerates skin blood circulation and activation of skin tissue which means to say that blood is able to flow more seamlessly throughout the body and propel the body's natural healing process. This is effective for treatment of wounds and superficial injuries such as scrapes, tears in the skin and infections.


Wearing Reddmod will provide enough Red light to effectively rejuvenate and enhance the overall healthy complexion the skin as healthy skin will consists of healthy collagen production levels to improve the firmness of the skin, and this is far more efficient to attain through Reddmod than exposing your skin to a wide spectrum of light which in fact harms skin insteads of enhancing its appearence.


Fortunately Sunsoul Products are all rated at an Ultraviolet protection factor 50 (meaning that they only allow 1/50th of the sun's ultraviolet radiation to pass through the fabric/Blocking 98% of harmful UV rays) protecting your skin from harmful ultra violet rays which have been known to cause hyperpigmentation and other sun damage to skin types, especially sensitive skin.

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