Carboxy Therapy medical device for antiage, stretch marks, localized weight loss and skin pathologies ( psoriasis, eczema, sores, arthrosis, arthritis and periarthritis) treatment.


Medical device Venusian Co2 Therapy makes it possible to perform Carboxy Therapy (medical carbon dioxide) for cosmetic and healing purposes.  


Carboxy Therapy consists of localised microinjections of medical CO2 administered subcutaneously and intradermally with a tiny needle in a sterile disposable tube. 


In aesthetic medicine Carboxy Therapy is popular for its antiaging properties, for treating stretch marks and skin laxity and for localized weight loss. It has indeed a lipoclastic effect, reducing fat deposits by breaking the membranes of the fat cells.  


In the medical field, Carboxy Therapy supports dermatologists in their treatment of psoriasis, eczemas and sores. Its antalgic effects are also very appreciated in Orthopaedics and Rheumatologyfor treating arthrosis, arthritis and periarthritis.


The treatment is completely safe for the patient. Carbon dioxide is nontoxic and does not cause embolisms as it is perfectly compatible with the human body, which constantly produces and eliminates it through the venous system or through the lungs.

Carboxy Therapy medical device, VENUSIAN CO2 Therapy, has many advantages:

It checks the purity and quantity of the gas and the speed at which it is administered
Therapeutic results can be reproduced thanks to the analysis of tissue resistance variety.
Software controlled localised management of pain reduction is possible thanks to the control of the gas’ temperature
Standardized and dedicated therapeutic programs
Supply tubes with 30 g needles,13 or 4 mm long, in disposable sterile packaging conform to current regulations
Relevant regulations
The medical device VENUSIAN CO2 therapy complies with the directives:
·Directive 93/42/CEE, publishedon GUUE L169 dated 12/07/1993
·Directive 2007/47/CE, published on GUUE L247/21 dated 21/09/2007  
When tested it passed the electrical safety tests (CEI EN 60601-1) and electromagnetic compatibility tests (CEI EN 60601-1-2).


Carboxy Therapy is a therapy which uses medical Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Carbon Dioxide’s therapeutic effects can be summarized in:
•  Skin tone increase
•  Skin elasticity increase
•  Skin brightness increase


Face Treatment 
Both effect is ideal for improving blemishes of the faces and stimulates the physiological regeneration of tissues. 


Body Treatment
Venusian CO2 Therapy is excellent for the treatment of cellulite. Clinical studies and research have demonstrated that this gas effects both adipose deposits -as it breaks the fatty cells (lipoclasic effect) reducing the fatty deposits- and microcirculation, since it reopens closed vases and reactivates malfunctioning ones.

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