High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

Portable HIFU.



Non-Invasive Face Lift Technique to lighten your skin.


The use of high intensity accoustic waves to stimulate the skin's dermal layer aponeurosis layer.


High Intensity ultrasound directly into the deep facial skin and body fat layer, form a continuous thermal freezing point SMAS (4.5mm), Lower Dermis (3mm).


Multi Skin Scalpel.


-180° degree rotatable screen

- Portable All-in-One device

- Painless Focusing

- Cost-Effective

- For Face and Body





3mm: Fine wrinkles improvement, facial lifting, tightening. 

4.5mm: Deep wrinkles and elasticity improvement, tightening.



7mm & 13mm & 18mm: Fat reduction, elasticity improvement, tightening. 



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