Thesera L

Thesera L


Thesera Melting Threads is a strong lifting treatment that guarantee results! 

For the first time, Melting thread is used in aesthetics. Developed with the TDN technology. 

It promises to lift and fill wrinkles for a baby face, eye rims, forehead and lips. 


Thesera L. 3 Step Kit includes: 




Concentrated blend of anti-wrinkle and brightening solution rejuvenates your skin. 


Intensive high-tension ample concentrate with "melting thread". Dermatologist tested, clinically proven results. Exclusive penetration and lifting solution. 


Clinical Results (4 weeks) 

  • Immediate Facial Lifting Effect
  • Immediate Pore Tightening Effect
  • Increase Dermis Density after 4 weeks of use
  • Increase skin elasticity after 4 weeks of use


"Over 2 million commentaries on Thesera L!"


"Used in over 1500 aesthetics salons in Korea!"



5 Step Skin Care System

1. TDN Tunneling

2. Melting Thread Absorption

3. Hydra Booster

4. Tightening

5. Supply nutrition to Peptide


 Triple Effects: Lifting, Whitening, Hydraglow  

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