Thesera H

Thesera H

Thesera H is a non-injection hydroglow kit.


Nano-Hyaluronic Acid particles, deep skin replenishment, Painless, no stimulation, no side effects, immediate results with no donwtime, gentle product, suitable for even sensitive skin. 


1. NMF Acid + Cell Pumping Technique - open cell channel

2. Bicarbonate Anion + Cell Spread Technique - creating a replenish environment 

3. AQP + Fullerene + Mseo Tree Extract - recharge water

4. Water Channel + Antioxidant + Strength Skin Wall - prevent moisture loss 


Main Ingredients: 


  • It is a kind of cell that only allow water to enter, also the core of water metabolism
  • A membrane protein that can adjust water to enter into cell



  • Reason why we keep aging is due to the harmful oxygen that is blocking the fullerene
  • Nobel Prize Ingredient
  • Fullerene absorbs harmful active oxygen which can helps to improve the skin


Abeliophyllum Distichum Extracts (Miseon Tree)

  • Can only be find in Korea, pleasant smell but also consists of anti-cancer function 
  • Consists of 9 active ingredients
  • This tree can inhibit the DNA damage due to oxygen stress and it is a natural antioxidant. Received anti-inflammatory patent in 2006, anti-cancer patent in 2007, as a cosmetic ingredient in 2008~2009. 
  • Its other effects includes repairing of atopy illness, protect the skin and anti-aging. 


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