Skin Aid

Skin Aid
Hot and Cool Massage Device

Heating Effect 

-Open Pores

-Improve Blood Circulation

-Relieve Muscular Pain


Cooling Effect

-Contract Pores

-Reduce Swelling

-Improve the Elasticity of Skin



-Stimulate Collagen

-Help to Absorb Ample Solution deep into skin

-Activate Skin Cells


Dual Functions into one device 

-Delicate temperature adjustment by 1C from 35-40°

Hot Massage: Pore Expansion, Blood Circulation Improvement, Relieving Muscle ache

Vibration Mode: Maximize the thermal effect with gentle skin touch


Microcurrent Mode improving the cooling effect

-Delicate temperature adjustment by 1C from 5 to 10 degrees,

Cool Massage: Pore Tightening, Improvement of skin elasticity, relaxing edema

Microcurrent Mode: Improved Absorption of the ampoule and solution


Intensive Care on any part of the skin


99.9% 24K Gold Plating Head

-Minimizes Skin Trouble, Rashes, Allergy on the contacted surface by using 24K pure gold head


Easy Maintenance by cleaning the detachable head by water and drying with a cloth

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