SCO2- Fractional CO2 Laser System

SCO2- Fractional CO2 Laser System

Technology: Laser Technology

CO2 operation is convenient to use by MODE CO2. Also it is ease pain and possible to elaborate treatment by PULSE DURATION. 

Simple POWER control makes output of operation part to be convenient.

CO2 Fractional laser forms thousands of delicate treatment columns which is called heat-treatment zone.C

These columns make verticality spots from epidermal to deep dermal.

So these spots regenerate and proud flesh which is revitalized from collagen is come out as a new skin.
Spot removal

Normally spot is placed in deep skin. After CO2 treatment, it seems skin to be furrowed but if its size is less than 2mm, scar will be disappeared. 

Wart.It is better to wart removal operation in early since its relapse rate is high.

Small wart.It appears normally around eyes and neck and it becomes bigger as time goes by. It is also possible to treat by CO2 laser.

Milia.It looks like acne and normally appears around eyes with millet size. It is possible to treat by CO2 laser.

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