Power 4

Spopad Power 4 is made for reducing the extra fat on the belly, which affects the fats directly.

Efficient electric stimulatoin moves muscles and supports fat burning.

Spopad Power 4 was produced based on the structure of abdominal muscles which were thick and large. By integrating 4 electrodes in one device, two waves interfere with each other and generate synergetic effects, stimulating deeper muscles of a larger area. "Spopad" is right a brand new device for abdominal muscles exercise!

Thin and light, wireless and hands free. 

1mm thick on the flat part, 9mm thick on the high part, 63g weight "SPOPAD" is a tablet sized and portable device. 

Abs Exercise & Increase Basal Metabolism. 
-Flabby Belly
-Strength Building
-Increasing Metabolism

Wear it anytime, anywhere.


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