Botulinum toxin injection is one of the most important aesthetic procedures today.
This is actually simple to perform but needle position and dosage accuracy are critical.
Injecting the wrong amount can lead to asymmetrical results and waste the expensive drug.


A friendly introduction by InjecTec; MultiTox.


MultiTox- An extremely efficient cradle for multi-use injections (up to 40 injections with the same cradle)


The MultiTox cradle and syringe addresses the need for accuracy, precise placement, and exact dosages required during botulinum toxin injections. This cradle has paid attention to comfort and safety. It accepts a standard sterile syringe and moves the plunger in a stepped manner to faciliate injecting precision and multiple dosages of botulinum toxin.


Why choose MultiTox?


-Increases precision and decreases risk of asymmetrical results


-Saves money; eliminates over-injection or spillage of costly botulinum toxin


-Improves the overall patient experience, the ultimate goal of every aesthetics practice.



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