Most optimized HIFU Technology ever, this unique and effective aesthetic device built on ultrasound technology to deliver Face lifting & Custom Contouring fat reduction for body.

The Microson is HIFU(High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) system for facial lifting by producing focal thermal coagulation points at the superficial musculoaponeurotic system(SMAS), deep thermis & subcutaneous adipose tissue.

The Microson is non-invasive, non-surgical ultrasound lifting system providing facial & body lifting effect without causing superficial damages.


Non-Surgical Face & Body Lifting


It works to:

-Skin Tightening

-Eyebrow lifting & jaw lifting

-Periorbital Wrinkle reduction

-Body lifting & Slimming (waist area)


1. Accurate Depth & Focusing


2. Economical and Affordable consumers


3. Precise Control of Functions


4. User friendly Interface


5. Optimized cartridges in 5 different types



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