MK300L is a multi lymphatic drainage system for full body drainage and circulation. It can complete slimming treatments by

draining all dissolved or melted fat cells generated after using diverse weight loss equipment.  

The main principle is to recover lymph glands or blood vessels constricted or damaged due to cellulite, or to effectively drain

excessive and stagnant fat cells. Mainly, our drainage system is used after melting and dissolving the fat cells in aesthetic clinics. This

system can be optionally used with a maximum of four cuffs, such as a leg cuff, arm cuff, waist cuff and/or center body cuff. 


-Touch key pad controllers 

- Individual 2 operation channels 2

- Maximum 4 cuffs use 

- Pressure sensor controller

- 2 Emergency safety switches 

- Pressure range : 10~200mmHg

Time range : 1~90 minutes 

IR Heatys (Optional)
Infrared heating system ”IR heatys” is a maximizing circulation system using with compression system. Especially, it has different as near infrared ray or visible ray which is reflecting from the skin but absorbable infrared ray heating therapy system. The temperature range is 30~60℃ (±5℃).


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