HOO:E is a professional brand of medical skin management for micro-reshaping or skin management after rapid repair of irritated or damaged skin to minimize skin damage. Developed with TDN Technology.


HOO:E is the brand operated by "dermatology specialist" and sold separately in Korea dermatology, received the well known experts and the dermatology of the recognition and recommendation. 


It is a one-time use health cosmetics. 

No preservatives, no fragrance and no artificial color used. Prescription according to the skin type. 



  • Disposable Packaging, Hygienic Product 
  • Vacuum Packaging to avoid contact with air and other bacterial infection
  • Easy to carry, Daily use of new packaging cosmetics 
  • Natural soft ingredients are used to compromise sensitive skin
  • PEEL, IPL, FRAX and other special treatments can be used together after treatment. 


Endorsed by famous actress, SOO AE. 

Recommended on the beauty talk show by the host, GET IT BEAUTY. 



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