PS V-Shaped Facial Beauty Machine

  • With the most cutting edge technology combination

  • The most comfortable and effective experience

  • Unlimited Storage, support for IOS and Android systems

  • Record and track the data immediately from the operation




1. Supplemental skin oxygen

2. Non-Surgical compact wrinkle-shaping equipment 

3. Enhance the compact, to create V face

4. The latest transcendental import, so that nutrition do not slip away 

5. Patent CO2 cleaning system, so that the skin at the same time clean enough to add oxygen



Instrument Characteristics

1. 10.3 inch touch screen, Andrews System, Remote upgrade download, control treatment parameters

2. WIFI and DJM IOT System networking, easy management and remote operations, and payment systems (Wechat, Facebook, Twitter, Apple Pay) seamlessly

3. A variety of probe parameter recording system, so that safe and effective treatment can be tracked operation records for easy management 

4. Three kinds of probe to make treatment safer

5. Metal body, Simple and Durable, Easy to move





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