Active oxygen, a major form of skin aging, H-Shine will be the best solution. 



This is a treatment to get rid of "OH" (active oxygen) by producing hydrogen to the skin. There are two reasons that produces "OH" to the body. One is the transformation of the 1~2% inhaled oxygen, another is due to the chemical component or toxin from contaminated environment. Cumulated "OH" will cause aging of skin. Originally, human body has an enzyme called SOD(Super Oxide Dismutase) which is able to detoxify "OH". In the late 20s, the number of SOD enzymes will decrease significantly which eventually causes faster aging. Nowadays, the best way to get rid of "OH" is to consume antioxydation food. However, this is not easy. Hence, we develop this skincare device called "H-Shine"which utilizes hydrogen water to give appropriate solution for people. 



H-Shine helps in: 

-Skin vital improvement

-Skin Whitening


-Improvement of atopic skin and inflammation 

-Antioxidation management (176 times better than Vitamin C) 




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