Francsys Mini

Francsys Mini

New Innovative Fractional RF

which is penetrated into dermis deeply, gives skin lifting improvement and rejuvenation effects in treated skin structure.

-Activation of rejuventation function and lifting effect by collagen stimulation from dermis 

-Improvement of blood circulation and pore clean by waste excretion by RF heating energy

-Balance and improvement of skin tone & texture from dull, pigmented acne skin

Size(mm) : 250*250*200    

Weight (kg): 3                        

Power con.(w): 150              

Input: 110/220                       


-RF Frequency: Bi-Polar, 1 MHZ

-Work mode(Pulse): 3 max program (low,mid,high)

-RF emission time: 10~60mS/50~90mS/80~160mS (5mS set-up)

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