Eye Cell Cosmeceutical Eye Zone Care System

Eye Cell Cosmeceutical Eye Zone Care System

EyeCell Cosmeceutical Eye Zone Care System is designed to treat various skin problems that can occur around the eyes. It gives you the best treatment effects for dark circles, eye bag and wrinkles, presenting youthful and healthy skin on your eye contour area. It combines cosmeceuticals with a roller specially designed for eye area to help the absorption of ingredients and activate collagen production. 


Made of growth factors, botanical stemcell extracts and bio-peptides which can give you the best effects for dark circles, eyebag puffiness and wrinkles with the dedicated eye roller for the combined usage. 


Genosys Professional Products

EyeCell Eye Zone Care Kit consists of:

a. Genosys Eye Roller

b. EyeCell Eye Contour Serum 

c. EyeCell Eye Contour Cream

d. EyeCell Eye Peptide Gel Patch


Genosys Homecare Products 


-EyeCell Eye Contour Serum 

This is a daily eye care serum which helps reduce deep wrinkles, dark circles and diminish the appearance of puffy eyes. 


-EyeCell Eye Contour Cream

This is a daily eye care cream that helps reduce fine wrinkles and dark circles and depuff the under eyes.


-EyeCell Eye Peptide Gel Patch 

This gel patch soothes and moisturizes the skin that went through dermatologic procedures or natural aging. Also improves eye bags. 






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