EpilDream Diode Laser

EpilDream Diode Laser

EPILDREAM DIODE LASER 808 is an innovative and functional technology which, using a monochromatic, coherent and unidirectional laser, guarantees progressive permanent epilation.


EPILDREAM DIODE LASER uses an 808 nm wavelength which is the light energy best absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair bulb.

EPILDREAM DIODE LASER transforms the light energy into thermal energy, i.e. heat, which is absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair bulb.
This process locally overheats the hair bulb, while totally respecting the surrounding structures, and destroys it.


The High Powered Diode Laser

1. No Drive System
-Up to 6 times faster than a latest generation pulsed light

2. Effective
-Results in a short time with a significant reduction in the number of sessions

3. Reliable
-Treatments in total safety, throughout the year, on all phototypes and on tanned skin

4. Technological
-Latest generation laser designed in Italy with Diode Bars manufactured in Germany


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