Duet RF

Duet RF 

Technology: Multi-Polarity Fractional RF or Mono-Polar RF 


An advanced focused radio frequency (RF) technology. Operating in two modes, Thermal RF or Fractional RF, the Duet modes can be used for combination treatments or individually to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment for the customer.

Duet RF delivers a stable and equal RF heating energy without the epidermal damage. This makes it an ideal non-surgical solution for skin rejuvenation treatments. Fast shot speeds provide for a shorter treatment time and various sized tips are available to ensure the most effective treatment. 



Advanced delivery of monopolar RF ensures greater treatment area coverage. Thermal RF may assist in immediate collagen contraction plus ongoing collagen fibre remodelling through a collagen denaturing process. The effects are ongoing between 2-6 months. Thermal RF is particularly used in assisting skin tightening, skin contouring and skin lifting treatments. 



Fractional RF is an effective resurfacing treatment and safer alternative to fractional laser. The focused Fractional RF heating energy may assist in the stimulation of collagen regeneration. An advanced layout of poles ensures stable RF intensity and controllable RF impedance. Fractional RF delivers the energy deep into the dermal layer and tip design ensures minimized epidermal damage. Fractional RF is particularly used in assiting regeneration of collagen fibres to reduce lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, improved skin texture and scarring treatments.



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