Aurora X2

Aurora X2

Technology: Multi Polar and Bi Polar RF, Vacuum and LED Wavelength 630nm

The top of the line professional facial and body slimming system, using a combination of RF, pulse and vacuum technology. Integrated technology to work to stimulate fibroblast activities, collagen remodeling, increase metabolism rate and improve lymph and blood circulation. It helps to reduce wrinkle and increase cell regeneration. 

Complete with 3 different sized applicators to suit every area of your body. Multi RF technology has the ability to directionally control electronic fields to reach within cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue. The heating effect caused by this treatment increases microcirculation and in turn increases metabolism and dissipates the subdermal fat.




-0.8 MHz Radiofrequency

-Deep dermal heating enhances and prolongs treatment outcome

-Power level adjustable from 1 to 10


-4 kinds of vibration pulse

-Power level adjustable from 1 to 5


-630nm Red LED technology for body & face treatments

-430nm Blue LED technology for face treatments

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