Accutonning Diode Laser System

Accutonning Diode Laser System

Accutonning targets the upper dermis to alter the sebaceous glands.


Unlike other "light" therapies that temporarily kill bacteria, AccuTonning applies photo-thermal energy directly to where acne begins - the sebaceous glands. AccuTonning employs a combination of laser light at 1470nm heat the dermis sebaceous glands, and associated structures within the dermis without damaging the epidermmis. The thermal injury alters the structure of the sebaceous glands, the root cause of acne lesions resulting in a dramatic and long term reduction in acne lesions.


Advantages of AccuTonning

-Non Invasive treatment

-No Downtime

-Less pain, Fast treatment

-Application to any skin types




-Acne/Active Acne

-Excessive Sebum

-Pore Control

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