Micro Molecule Live Oxygen Machine

Skin has never been so clean, 4 times 28 days. It feels good to breathe. 

  • Negative Vacuum
  • Hydration
  • Dermabrasion
  • Allow Essence to penetrate into the skin


New Diamond Microdermabrasion technology

DJM new diamond microdermabrasion patented technology apply different thickness of the dermabrasion treatment head to quickly polish it onto the skin. Each treatment gently removes 30-35 micron horny dead and dull rough skin. 


Vacuum Suction

Aura ultra activating oxygen cosmetic instrument uses negative pressure of vacuum suction to remove dirt, grease, blackheads, clogged pores and deep cleanse the skin to enhance its ability of absorption. 


Essence Penetration

With the specific medical grade essence, the skin can immediately import the nutrients into them, allow for quick absorption which can significantly whiten and lighten spots, fight acne, moisturise and relieve sensitive skin. It also helps to promote skin metabolism. 


Highlights of the Device 

  • 10.3 inch touch screen with android system, remote upgrade, downloads, control and adjust treatment parameters
  • WIFI and DJM IOT systems connecting the net, making it easy to manage and remote operation realizing the "seamless joint" of payment systems (Wechat, Facebook, Twitter, Apple Pay) 
  • Germany-made air pump (more durability)
  • Metal Body, Simple and Durable, Easier to move
  • 9 different thickness probes, acting on different parts of skin


Activate Cell Regeneration 

Aura ultra activating oxygen cosmetic instrument injects high concentration of growth factors into deep layers of skin and activate cell regeneration. Unique liquid grinding technology can make your skin softer and moisturised. One can choose three different formulations of the nutritional essence (moisturizing, whitening and clean) to meet different types of skin. Treatment is comfortable with no side effects.


Nutrition Essence 

Combined with nutrition essence, aura ultra activating oxygen cosmetic instrument can whiten blemish, hide fine wrinkles, shrink pores, retain moisture deep into the skin and delay aging of skin. It has a significant improvement to rough dull, acne and oily skin. 


Sensitive skin treatment

As to inflammatory and sensitive skin, traditional microdermabrasion is unable to solve the problem skin areas. Conversely, it makes the skin drier, thus resulting in counter productive. Aura ultra activating device is specifically developed for sensitive skin dryness, which has a unique treatment head that reduces the friction on the skin and does not irritate delicate skin, relieves inflammation and swelling. It brings hydration to deeper layers of the skin and deals with sensitive problem. 


Multiple effects with optical treatment 

After the course of optical treatment, skin usually becomes dry. Lacking of water will slow down the skin cell renewal  and delay treatment effect.  Before the optical treatment, Aura ultra activating oxygen cosmetic instrument remove thick horny of superficial skin can enhance the absorption of the skin to light energy, deliver adequate essence to the skin cells and promote skin metabolism and repair as well as drain away the melanin, achieving the best treatment effect. 




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