Acne Home treatment

Treat early or mid of papulose acne and pustular acne safely with the device proven by KFDA.

 Exposure bacteria to the energy 

 412nm blue-light provides energy to bacteria causing acne. 
 Bacteria absorb light-energy of blue-light spectrum, 
 The heat of absorbed energy reconstructs sebaceous glands 
 structure and lessens sebaceous gland and sebum size which treats acne. 




 STEP 01 Cleansing 



 STEP 02 

Press and hold the button to turn on the device



 STEP 03 

Keep close and move on the skin gently.



 STEP 04 

Use 6min/ day. After 3 min treatment, LCD screen shows “COOLING” sign then turn off and start cooling.



Efficiently designed head

Narrow and long designed head makes easy 
to use and shorten the treatment time.


Safety verification

Verification of acne treatment effect by KFDA



- If the auto sensing sensors placed top and bottom of the head contact to the skin improperly,
alarming sound comes out and device does not operate. Please contact close.

- Wipe the device head with wet tissue or alcohol swab after use.

- Mind the device is not waterproof.

- Do not stare the blue-light, use on the eye and eyelid.

- Avoid using on the worse lesions than acne, toxic lesions, an open lesion and wart.

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