(L) Sunsoul Blue -Unisex Long Sleeve

(L) Sunsoul Blue -Unisex Long Sleeve

Sunsoul Blumod : Recommended for clearing of Acne, Blemishes and Antibacterial solution.


Science of BluMod -


The Blumod clothing line tackles the problem of problem skin conditions such as acne and blemishes. Sunsoul's flourescent material converts broad Spectrum sunlight and narrows it down to specific wave lengths, amplifying the part of the light spectrum with benefits to improve skin conditions and overall health. In the case of Blumod, its fabrics truncates the spectrum by only allowing and amplifying blue light to be exposed to the skin and absorbing all the other wavelengths of the spectrum. 


Benefits of BluMod - 


1. Kills germs on skin surface and in pores

2. Tackles and prevents acne

3. Controls oil secretions

4. Eliminate acne bacteria

5. repair damaged skin 

6. Natural treatment of Acne Scar

7. Smoothens and improves skin texture.


Only a few hours a week in the sun (6-8 weeks of 2 hours/day of exposure) is claimed to yield similar results to results from an IPL treatment in a clinical setting according to Sunsoul's Inventor, Dr. Michael Kreindel



Why it benefits your skin -


Blue light is effective in eradicating bacteria on the skin surface when exposed to its wavelength. The Blumod Series focuses wavelengths of light associated with colors of blue. The therapeutic blue light is effective in cleansing the face of any bacteria on the surface of the skin or in the pores of the skin when the skin absorbs the light. The good thing about this is that the treatment is non-invasive and does not irritate your skin unlike acne creams and other products which might incur painful or annoying side effects. Therefore Bluemod is the perfect choice for people who want to achieve blemish free skin free of oil and bacteria without ever having to worry about nasty side effects of prescription creams from dermatologists.


Blue light also help repair damaged skin encouraging collagen growth and treats acne scars nicely.


Fortunately Sunsoul Products are all rated at an Ultraviolet protection factor 50 (meaning that they only allow 1/50th of the sun's ultraviolet radiation to pass through the fabric/Blocking 98% of harmful UV rays) protecting your skin from harmful ultra violet rays which have been known to cause hyperpigmentation and other sun damage to skin types, especially sensitive skin.


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